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Spherical Storytelling

This is really good , just click drag in the video and see what happens 😀


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The Google Operative System presentation – well worth watching

Google (long known for their sense of humdfay or, anyway) has even adopted the conversational idea with their latest video push for Chrome OS.

The google OS is an excelent option for many people out there and soon it may well become the mainstream OS just like it already is the mainstream search engine. And why would we ask? Because it works … 😀 and that is the main reason. So for quite a few years google has become a stamentent of push forward technology and i dont think they are about to stop.  Very probably their are just getting started. To they house the best minds in the planet and provide big corporations with the best IT solututions in the market. Simplicity is one of the hardest things to acheive and even with this video presentation they have manage to put it all in a nutshell and still mange to keep a good sense of humor. 

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