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Food Art – Deliciuos not just for the eyes

Here is one delicious post. What could be better than food mixed up with art. Gluttony reaches a complete new level with this kind of art artwork. Good thing we can photgraph these because other wise the life expectancy of these artworks would be that long.


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Then in now – Conecting the past with the present

A brilliant technique where the past merges with the present bring to reality the time Gap. This visualization of time is a powerful way to realise the essence of time and the how architecture is a stage for the decades that pass one after the other.

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Photography By French Photographer Jean Yves Lemoigne

 truly professional and sometimes very funny advertisng! Lemoigne’s photography is surreal.
Jean is a paris-based photographer. on his website you’ll a mixture of the frenchman’s work for advertising campaigns as well as some of his personal photo and film projects.
I have absolutely no idea how he does it, but this just looks awesome!

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75 Panoramic Polar Photgraphy

How to make Polar Panorama with Photoshop

Step 1
Find or make a panorama picture

Step 2
And to square width size (for example: from 2000×650 to 2000×2000) “Image>Image size”

Step 3
Rotate 180° “Image>Rotate Canvas>180°”

Step 4
And use polar coordinates filter “Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates” Select “Rectangular to polar” and click OK


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16 – Amazing Beaches

Criccieth Beach Wales

Durdle Door Lulworth Dorset

Jandia Beach at Dunas Jandia Resort Fuerteventura

Lanikai Shoreline

Mapenzi Beach, Zanzibar

Moloa’a Beach

Mapenzi Beach, Zanzibar.

Navagio (shipwreck) beach

Cannon Beach, Oregon

NightScape – Rodeo Beach, Marin County

Yellow Beach

Paradise beach…most deserted part of Tokyo!

Putty Beach – Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Zuma Beach

Panoramic View

In Dreams

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